Alex Peroni, turned 18 in November 2017, has spent over half of his life pursuing his dream of becoming a professional racing driver, with his sights set firmly on single seater racing.

It’s a very doable dream. At the age of 7 Alex’s father succumbed to Alex’s requests to race karts and very soon the results started to flow.  He soon had to decide to either pursue more competitive racing or quit the sport.

For Alex there was no option. The Peroni family invested in a van and equipment and for the next five years Alex and his father flew often twice a month to Victoria to race in the most competitive karting environment in Australia.

When he was 9, Alex started to achieve excellent results in Victoria, and then also had the chance to compete in world events in Italy where he was also made an instant impact.  Italy was also no stretch for the Peroni family with uncles, aunts and grandparents behind the young karter.

At his first event in Italy with an unfamiliar kart, engine and tyres he was immediately top 3 from 50 drivers across Europe, many of whom had been in the category all season, or for years.

From here he developed a burning passion to compete with the worlds best in Europe and has stayed focused on that dream for the last seven years.

Alex is a very social and respectful young man and is renowned for talking and laughing a lot.

Once on track he becomes incredibly competitive. When racing karts if Alex was not racing, he was testing. His father, Piero, loves to tell the story about the young Alex who insisted on lapping all day when it was cold and raining and everybody had gone home.

Alex’s mother, father and sister have recognised his commitment to the sport and have been  behind him all the way through Formula 4, in 2015, French VdeV in 2016 (champion) and Formula Renault Eurocup in 2017 (10th).

The learning curve in 2015 was enormous as Alex stepped into single seater cars at age 15. In a small team, in the worlds most competitive Formula 4 championship, Alex finished 14th with two second place podium finishes.

In 2016 he  stepped up a notch into Formula Renault in the French VdeV series which is developing enormously as it focuses on minimising costs and was run across France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

He won the championship at just 16 years of age and became the youngest Australian ever to win a single seater championship in Europe!

In 2017, in his debut year in the Formula Renault Eurocup, Alex secured 10th place in the championship and won a race on the very difficult Pau street race in the south of France. He was the first Australian since Daniel Ricciardo in 2008 to win a Eurocup race.

He now prepares to tackle the Eurocup again but this time with Dutch team MP Motorsport.

Alex can’t think of anything better. Here’s an 18 year old guy, used to travelling at 250km/h, who loves Italian food and lives to race. What’s not to love?!